Reflective Journal

A beautiful guided Masonic journal for Freemasons and prospective candidates alike.

Developed and written by W. Bro. Don Kemball FCF, The First Three Knocks proudly offers this beautiful guided masonic journal to Freemasons and prospective candidates alike.

In a study conducted with our fraternal listeners, 75% of Masons admitted they wished they had journaled their experiences while undergoing the first 3 degrees of Freemasonry.

The 139-page journal guides the writer to reflect on his Masonic journey, making it the perfect gift for candidates on the evening of their initiation.

Sample Writing Prompts Include:

It is important to note that at no point are brethren prompted to reveal any secrets or sensitive information in their journals, but rather record what the experience has meant to them along the way. This will allow them to reflect and analyze the meaning of the Craft in a more clear and understandable way.

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